Michaël Joris

After a career in teaching languages to student interpreters and translators, Michaël Joris set up the international office of his institution KHLim, which has gone through a merger operation to become UCLL. He has worked in the international office since 1998. He has supported the development of the internationalisation processes of the institution, in close cooperation with the Quality Management and Educational Renovation units, and later with Research and Community Engagement. He is one of the Bologna experts in Flanders and is active both on the Flemish and international levels. He has participated in scientific research and development programmes and has given many seminars and presentations worldwide. He was a member of the original EAIE Special Interest Group that coined the concept “Internationalisation at Home”. He has also done work on the development of a methodology and tools to incorporate International Competences (ICOMs) in the curriculum. He is active with PASCAL-PURE on the development of the third task of higher education, community engagement and participative cooperation, and service learning. He is now head of the UCLL International Academy.