Sandrine Javelaud

Sandrine Javelaud was trained as a jurist. After teaching Law in the French National Education system, she headed an industry sector’s training centre for apprentices during 7 years. She joined the Vice-Chancellorship of the Academy of Limoges in 2005 in order to develop the academic strategy project and became the Vice-Chancellorship’s director of communication until 2007. She entered the Prime Minister’s Office in June, 2007 where she was in charge, among others, of promoting educational policies on employability. From 2008 until March, 2012, she was the director of cabinet of the Director General for Higher Education and Employability where she followed the implementation of the reforms on the autonomy of Universities. In March, 2012, she joined the French Employers’ Union (MEDEF) as a director of mission in charge of educational and higher education matters, representing the MEDEF in the national education councils.