Jasmina Havranek

Jasmina Havranek, Ph.D. became Director of Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE). By this time Dr Havranek had accumulated 33 years as an instructor in academia. She started a year after earning her Bachelor Degree at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture and while pursuing her Masters and Doctorate at this same university. She currently is a Full time professor which is her permanent title at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture. Professor Jasmina Havranek emphasizes the importance of active participation in international programs and supports international cooperation. She herself spent part of her working life abroad, specializing at institutions in Denmark, Finland, USA, Italy and Greece. As a Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb (2001 – 2006) she hosted many international delegations, rectors, representatives of foreign universities, faculties, organizations, agencies, ministries, etc. Professor Jasmina Havranek is bringing together various activities in the area of science and higher education, quality assurance in higher education and science, positioning of the Agency at regional and international level, linking Croatian academic and scientific community with world communities and developing new initiatives at European level.