Johnny Golding

Prof Golding holds the Chair in Philosophy and Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art and is Director of the PHD/Post-Doctoral Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR), Birmingham City University.  A firm believer in research led by curiosity, experiment and risk, Prof Golding is renowned for her philosophy enactments, installations and sound-scape exhibitions.  Her research covers the intra-disciplinary intersections of the logics of sense, including poetics, fine art, contemporary philosophy and the ‘wild sciences.’ Recent publications include:  In the Shadow of Akimbo Corporatism: The ‘Becoming-Human’ of a People; Fractal Philosophy and the Small Matter of Attunement; and Ana-Materialism and the Pineal Eye. Films include: Once Upon a Wormhole and Games of Truth: Blood Poetics in 7 part harmony. She is executive Editor for the internationally peer reviewed / gold standard journal, Zētēsis: (ARTicle Press).