Victoria Galán-Muros

Dr. Victoria Galán-Muros is an active professional with international experience in the areas of university-business cooperation, higher education and innovation from different perspectives. As a senior consultant, currently an associate at Technopolis Group UK, has worked with universities and governments in 14 countries, organised workshops in 13 countries and participated in 11 government funded projects. She is the scientific manager of the two largest studies of university-business cooperation in Europe, for DG Education and Culture. As an academic and researcher, she is currently involved in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa), with a global experience in 10 universities of 8 different countries. She has authored 30 publications, published in recognised journals, presented her research at conferences as well as given 30+ speeches as keynote in 20 countries. Additionally, her facilitator and communicator ‘hats’ are worn as director in the University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) and Editor in Chief of the University-Industry Innovation Magazine (UIIM). Victoria has two undergraduate degrees at Universidad de Granada in Business Management and also Market Research and Marketing, she holds a MSc in Social Research Methods at London School of Economics and a PhD in University-Business Cooperation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.