Marija Filipovič-Ozegovič

Graduated in 2007 in Belgrade and obtained University degree in Economics for Executive Management. Volunteered from 2000 to the beginning of 2004 for faculty and university student organizations and was very active in issues related to implementation of Bologna process in Serbia from students’ perspective, as well as in other aspects of reform of higher education. Participated in university and National working groups related to formulation of laws on higher education and on student organizing. Contributed to several publications related to student rights and obligations in higher education system. Engaged in NGO Christian Children’s Fund Serbia from 2004 to 2005 and was mainly responsible for monitoring of and support to projects funded by CCF Int. From 2007 works in National Tempus Office in Belgrade where from mid 2008 acts as a National Coordinator. Main responsibilities include coordination of Tempus and Erasmus Mundus programme in Serbia, monitoring and coordination of approved projects, securing coordination between all relevant stakeholders in effective use of Tempus funds and coordination of National Higher Education Experts Team.

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