Dan Ole Faaborg

Ole Faaborg (Denmark) is Director of International Relations at UCN Northern Denmark, with a base in Aalborg. He has a dual background in applied linguistics and strategic management. Ole has 26 year’s experience in international education and has worked in the EAIE, SPACE, SIEC, EDEN, ORBIT and other organisations. Current posts include Vice President of SPACE Education network, and Member of the EAIE Board. Ole’s international approach: activities must be a member-driven series of benefits and services, available throughout the year and not only for conferences. PHE should be characterised by enthusiasm and real-life constructive learning. Ole lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark. Special interests are culture, communication, nature, mycology, music, Belgian beers and tournament table tennis. Ole’s books are published on Systime and Academica dk. Educationalist, internationalist, innovative developer education, programme strategist.