László Erdey

Laszlo Erdey is an associate professor at University of Debrecen. Mr Erdey started his career in 1994 by teaching lectures and seminars at undergraduate and graduate level in International Business, International Economics, Foreign Trade Techniques, Foreign Strategies, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing. Later he became Head of International Specialization by continuous participation in educational programmes offered for entrepreneurs, curriculum development, diploma thesis consultations, participation in facilities project works as TEMPUS, PFP, CIVITAS II. From 1999 to 2003 Mr Erdey was Member of the University Council from 2000 is he Member of the Faculty Council and was also Member of the Economic Committee of Hajdú-Bihar County’s Local Government, Hungarian Economic Association, Hungarian Association of New Institutional Economists. From 2005 Mr Erdey became Member of the “International Business” Working Group of HEFOP BsC Curriculum Development Programme, Member of the of the MSc Curriculum Development Working Group in the field of International Economy and Business, initiated by Corvinus University in Budapest. From 2006 Mr Erdey became also Member of the Council of Centre of Arts, Humanities, and Sciences of University of Debrecen and of the Expert’s Team of the Project ‘Knowledge Centre for Human Development and Business’ of University of Debrecen. Mr Erdey became in 2006 Leader of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Debrecen.