Lars Ebert

Lars Ebert (Heidelberg, Germany, 1976) is the programme co-ordinator of the cultural centre Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam, developing thematically focused series of exhibitions, debates, performing arts events and publications. As a senior advisor to The European League of Institutes of the Arts he is concerned with the implications of the Bologna process in Higher Arts Education. He e.g. chaired the working group ‘theatre/dance’ drafting the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Creative and Performing Disciplines (2011-12) on behalf of Tuning Educational Structures in Europe, University of Groningen and Bilbao. Currently he represents ELIA in the steering group of the PHExcel project coordinated by EURASHE. Lars has extensive experience in quality assurance and enhancement processes for higher arts education. He is a founding board member of EQ-Arts. He is an experienced reviewer for QAA Scotland and other accreditation agencies and a trainer for QA reviewers. Lars develops projects and engages in initiatives addressing the integration of a culturally diverse and inclusive Europe. Examples include a.o. EU funded LLP projects such as artsnet.europe (ELIA 2007-2011), TimeCase – Memory in Action (Castrum Peregrini 2012-2014), Silent Heroes (2013-2015). Lars holds a degree in theology (Drs./NL) and is a permanent fellow at the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue Vienna.