Mile Dželalija

Prof. Dr Mile Dželalija is a professor of physics at the University of Split (Croatia). Besides teaching and research in physics, from an initial focus on higher education he has gradually expanded his focus to various areas of education policy. He represents Croatia in the EQF Advisory Group and National Correspondents for the QF-EHEA. He is a vice chair of the ESCO Cross-sectorial Reference Group. Since 2006 he is a president of the Management Board of the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE), and as expert he has been leading the NQF development and implementation in Croatia. His fields of expertise and practical experience in education range from higher education, lifelong learning, employability, quality assurance, qualifications frameworks, recognition of prior learning, and transfer of research and innovation. Prof. Dželalija is an author of more than 300 of scientific publications in physics and education.