Nicolae Dură

Nicolae Dură is the former Vice-Rector of the ‘Ovidius’ University of Constanta (Romania). He holds a PhD in Theology and Utriusque Juris Doctor (Civil and Canon Law). He is visiting professor at the University of Toulouse (France). He was awarded the French ‘National Order of Merit’ in June 2001 by President Chirac for his publication on ‘Le Régime de la synodalitéselon la législationcanonique, conciliaire, oecuménique, du Iermillénaire‘ (Synodality system according to Ist Millennium ecumenical legislation) Bucharest, 1999. For his scientific works, he was also honoured by, among others, the Romanian Academy (Prize Xenopol). As a leader of the doctoral school of the University Ovidius of Constanta for the Law and Theology Faculties, professor Nicolae Dură granted over 15 doctoral titles to his disciples. He is an Associated Member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists.