Joep C. de Jong

Joep C. de Jong is Founder of JLS International BV (JLS) and based in the Netherlands. He is driven by the search for the soul in leadership, organizational and personal development. Since 1998, when he accepted a directors position at BT Syntegra he has been using Appreciative Inquiry to facilitate the change of the division and bring out the best in people. Using AI in the day-to-day business as a manager/leader he is particularly interested in the sustainability of AI in organisations and in the use of AI in everyday processes (coaching, appraisals, etc.).

He was one of the founding members of AI Consulting, an international organization that lifted the use of AI in the world.

Joep is father of three children, grandfather of a granddaughter and a grandson, and lives with his partner Hanne on a houseboat. Born in 1953 and holds a BSc degree in Horticulture and has started a PhD project around leadership with John Rijsman at the University of Tilburg. He worked for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and was involved with the International Agricultural Centre (IAC) in Wageningen. He later became Sales & Marketing Manager for the Education division at Apple Computer in the Netherlands. From 1991 to 1998 he was Managing Director of JLS International, providing training and consultancy to large organisations in various industries. From 1998 until 2009 he worked for BT, first with Syntegra, later as Director Learning Solutions for BT GS. It was here that he started to use AI as one of the core approaches to organizational development. In 2013 he returned to JLS after 3,5 years at Van Harte & Lingsma as their CEO. There he successfully turned the company around from a loss making situation to a profitable organization, also achieving a 3rd place in the Great Place to Work competition in the Netherlands.

Member of the Council of Practice as set up by the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, situated in the Stiller School of Business at Champlain College with the objective to contribute to the education of leaders to be the best in the world at seeing the best for the world in order to discover and design positive institutions, organisations and communities that elevate, magnify and bring our highest human strengths to the practice of positive organisational development and change.