Johan Cloet

Johan Cloet has been the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2014-2016, which he represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) and several of its working groups, such as on ‘Structural Reforms’ and ‘Reporting on the Implementation of the Bologna Process’. He has also been the representative of EURASHE in the E4-Group (with ENQA, ESU and EUA), which received mandates from the ministers in charge of higher education in the EHEA to harmonise quality assurance through the creation of the European standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area. Johan Cloet is the former General Director of Lessius University College/Vice-General Director of Thomas More University College in Antwerp, Belgium (2008-2012). He has been involved in the activities of the Flemish Council of University Colleges (VLHORA – member of EURASHE) as member of its steering board, and president of the steering group of educational policy. In 2013 Johan Cloet has been selected as a member of evaluation teams in the framework of the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) of the European University Association. A former ministerial advisor to the government of the Brussels Region, Johan Cloet’s field of study is psychology.

Johan Cloet (Belgium), 5th Secretary General of EURASHE (2014 – 2016)