Terence Clifford-Amos

Terence is an International Consultant has spent more than 20 years in higher education in the UK and still holds a visiting lectureship at the Université Catholique de Lille, France. He is a former Visiting Fellow of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and is well published in English Language, English Literature and Education. He has also published on the Bologna Process. Terence has been Chief Executive and Mayor of Sandwich, Kent (2010-11) and Speaker of the English Cinque Ports during the same period, has advised governments in several countries and has been influential in working towards establishing a Central Asian Higher Education Area with colleagues in Kyrgyzstan. During the past 5 years Terence has visited more than 30 countries, making contributions to university reform and quality assurance, and is a member of quality assurance agencies in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK. He has led international QA teams and has undertaken many reviews audits and accreditions. In Armenia, he has engaged in staff training for QA, has been an evaluator of national science projects (medicine, veterinary medicine, forestry and agriculture) in Bulgaria and is currently an international reviewer, stakeholder and international trainer with the Slovenian QA Agency (Nakvis-SQAA). Terence has worked with the European Commission in Brussels, as a Jury member for ECTS and Diploma Supplement labels, and as a researcher and presenter for major projects both in the Eastern Partnership countries and the Western Balkans.