Dara Cassidy

Dara Cassidy has been Director of Online Learning at Hibernia College since 2012. In this capacity she is responsible for devising and implementing the college’s online and blended learning strategy and ensuring that the college remains at the cutting edge of online education. She is leading and managing a team comprised of up to 25 people – instructional designers, multimedia designers, A/V technicians and editorial staff – involved in the development of accredited online and blended courses, primarily in the education and health sciences arenas. Dara Cassidy has been at Hibernia College since 2002, and expanded the digital development capacity of the College considerably, establishing a robust infrastructure of systems and procedures to enable the efficient creation and management of high quality multimedia and other digital materials. Dara holds a BSocSc (Hons) from University College Dublin and an MA from Dublin City University. She is currently studying for a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Queen’s University, Belfast. She has a keen interest in socio-cultural perspectives on identity and learning, in particular teacher identity, digital identity and learning as identity construction.