Dejan Blagojević

Dejan Blagojevic is a professor of professional studies at VTSNIS and director of College of applied technical science in Nish since 2009, and since the year 2009 he is taking an active role in modernisation of professional higher education in Serbian HE system. He Obtained Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak. He works at the College of applied technical science in Nish for 10 years. During his academic career, he published over 100 papers. In January 2016 he was elected on position of the Vice-president of Conference of Academies for Professional Studies and a member of the expert Group Serbian ministry of education for the Development of the National Qualifications Framework in Serbia. Also, he is an ENQA reviewer since 2014. He was the project managers into several TEPMUS projects and ERSMUS+ project. He also coordinated over ten projects on regional level, based on knowledge transfers form HE institution to the industry sectors. For contribution into IT sector in 2014, he was awarded by Regional Chamber Commerce.

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