Temerkhan Berdimuratov

Dr. Temerkhan Baibosynovich Berdimuratov was born on 17 November 1951 in Aktyubinsk. In 1974 he graduated successfully from Aktyubinsk pedagogical institute. From 1975 to 1989 he worked in the system of education Aktobe region as a teacher, head of curriculum, deputy director of professional technical college (PTC), deputy chief of oblast administration of professional technical education. In 1989 he passed to research pedagogical activity. From 1991 to 1994 he studied at post graduate course all-USSR scientific research institute of professional technical education APS USSR (Leningrad), at the same time he was a head of research innovative enterprise “Kazakhskyi center of humanist education” all-USSR center “Psychopedagogy” State Committee USSS in the field of education and Society of psychologists of USSR. Professor’s work there are many new research data, experiments in different periods  of pedagogical and scientific practice: about student-centered model of university education system on the base of neurolinguistic change levels; about experience of creating cross disciplinarymodel of pedagogical technology on student-centered system of training efficient thinking strategies and behaviour on the base of neurolinguistic programming methods; about modeling of the individual internal experience of the students’ thinking strategies by studying their subjective experience on the basis of the neurolinguistic programming in the form of graphic“Profile of personal model”; about experience of using new psychotechnologies training the students in transforming student’s personality; psycho – suggestive factors of mastering and understanding a foreign language; working out and implementing the author’s pedagogical simulator – GPS navigator for a teacher and students on mastering pedagogical and academic skills.