Mieczysław Bąk

Mieczysław Bak works as CEO at the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy (IPED) and as Director of Advocacy Department of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. During last 25 years Mr. Bak’ activities were focused on innovative economy, cooperation between Universities and businesses,  advocacy of SMEs, development of the standards in Human Resources management, elaboration of protection measures for disadvantageous groups,  scaling down corruption in business, development of the civic society, promotion of business ethics and SME’s development Elaborated recommendations were implemented into Polish legislation, including tax laws, labor code, custom laws, business register. Policy reports and issues brief were used by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and by regional chambers in their advocacy programs. Mr. Bak  assists also regional and national authorities in elaboration of the SMEs development strategies  in the area of SME financing, development of Hi-Tech businesses and  SMEs related services. Mr. Bak work  with regional business associations, assisting in public policy issues and  in developing members services.

He advice also the Ministry of Economy on SMEs development issues, participating in drafting national business development strategies.  As an instructor Mr. Bak was executing the training programs for business association and NGOs in Georgia, Azerbajian, Armenia, Central Asia, Kosova, Russia, Croatia and Poland.  Graduate of the Warsaw University – Social Science Department and PhD at the Polish Academy of Sciences.