Thomas Baaken

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken holds a position as Professor in Technology-, Innovation- and B2B-Marketing at the Münster University of Applied Sciences (

He founded the “Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre”, which is creating Marketing Strategies and Tools on how to market Research ( and on University-Business Cooperation. Entrepreneurship is one of the topics of the Centre and is divided up in sections: Academic, Student, Rural, Female, Digital, Social and Transformational Entrepreneurship.
The Centre has conducted several surveys on European Level, e.g. “The state of University Business Cooperation in Europe” in 2010/11 and “University-Business Cooperation in Europe” 2017/18 ( Recently for PwC the study “Entrepreneurship Hubs in 19 Countries of Europe”.

The Centre employs some 30 Researches from 13 different countries on Third Party funds; coming from German and other Governments, EU, DAAD and Industry.
Before Thomas Baaken served as Vice President Research and Technology Transfer.

Thomas Baaken is member of several advisory boards like “International Marketing Campaign for the German Research and Sciences” in the world at Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Berlin, “Science City Münster” at Münster City Council, the University-Industry Innovation Network UIIN in Amsterdam and also at diverse SMEs.