Expert policy recommendations on PHE from the second PROCSEE PHE Excellence Forum

The second PROCSEE project PHE Excellence Forum was held in Vis (Croatia) on 30 May – 3 June. The forum brought together around 40 experts from 12 countries around Europe to analyse good practice cases and to come up with a set of recommendations to tackle the challenges faced by the Professional higher education (PHE) sector in Central and Southeastern Europe.

The work of the project is organised around four thematic areas:

1) Alignment of PHE with regional, local and economic development strategies
2) Promotion of PHE in Responding to Skill Shortages
3) Organizing and Monitoring Student Placements in the World of Work
4) Personal Learning Environments in PHE

After the first PHE Excellence Forum last autumn, where the experts mapped and identified the main challenges facing the PHE sector in Central and Southeastern Europe, the project collected good-practice cases on how to tackle some of those challenges and their causes.

During the second PHE Excellence Forum in Vis, the project experts came back to the root-cause analysis and proposed a number of priorities, which would be addressable and would have an impact at national, regional and European levels. Having these main priorities in mind, the experts continued to identify from collected good practice cases the key success features to tackle the project thematic challenges. The results of the expert work fed into drafting a set of policy recommendations on how to tackle the main challenges within each theme. 

The main result of the second PHE Excellence Forum is a set of policy recommendations to addresses the challenges faced by the PHE sector in Central and Southeastern Europe. The policy recommendations will be available on the project website soon.

More information about the PROCSEE project and the upcoming activities here.