2017 Conference 'UAS4EUROPE': Invitation daytimeUAS4EUROPE2017314
2017 Conference 'UAS4EUROPE': Invitation eveningUAS4EUROPE2017171
2017 Conference 'UAS4EUROPE': Programme daytimeUAS4EUROPE2017290
2017 Conference 'UAS4EUROPE': Programme evening UAS4EUROPE2017107
Contribution of UAS4EUROPE to the European Innovation Council (EIC)UAS4EUROPE2016340
Energy and Climate ChangeVicente Carabias2017222
Energy and Climate Change - Best PracticeBernard Gindroz2017249
Environment, Food and AgricultureMeike Dlaboha, Annejet Goede2017131
EU projects in practise - Bioeconomy in EU and in FinlandKirsi Knuuttila2017457
Examples for best practices in eHealthKarl P. Pfeiffer2017188
Executive Agencies and their role in H2020Virginia Puzzolo20171359
Research in Robotics: Experience and Perspectives at Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)Danielius Adomaitis, Nijolė Zinkevičienė2017308
Strengthening practice oriented health research in The NetherlandsJacky Bax2017144
The EU and Research and Innovation in HealthMariëlle Brouwer2017145
Towards the EU Research & Innovation Programme after 2020Brendan Hawdon2017243
Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public SpaceVeerle Van der Sluys, Selina Schepers2017254
UAS4Europe Arts & Design WorkshopMartin Zimper2017146
UAS4EUROPE Position Paper Horizon EuropeUAS4EUROPE70
UAS4EUROPE Statement on the European Universities NetworksUAS4EUROPE65
UAS4EUROPE: Smart Partnerships for Regional ImpactUAS4EUROPE2016469
UAS4EUROPE: Statement on the mid-term review Horizon 2020UAS4EUROPE2017825
Universities of Applied Sciences HORIZON 2020 and Beyond Living and Working in the 21st Century Best PracticeNina J Zugic2017217
Webbased therapy for depression and anxietyKåre Jansbøl2017111