Business Sector Reports on Companies Language Needs - Retail & Distribution and other Services SectorsCELAN2011399
Business Sector Reports on Companies' Language Needs - ICT SectorCELAN2011473
Career services/Journey to the future starts today!Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė, Elinga Noreikaitė2017240
Career services/Journey to the future starts today! - materialRaimonda Agnė Medeišienė, Elinga Noreikaitė2017344
CELAN final public report of the CELAN projectWolfgang Mackiewicz2013272
CELAN Goals and AchievementsWolfgang Mackiewicz2012632
CELAN Language Strategies for Competitiveness & EmployabilityMargaretha Mazura2012468
CELAN Round-Table ProgrammeCELAN2012457
CELAN Round-Table SpeakersCELAN2012765
CELAN Workshop ProgrammeCELAN2012486
CELAN/WP 2: Language Industry stock takingChristian Galinski, Stella Giraldo, Ulli Frimmel2012535
Final Report from CELAN Questionnaire for BusinessIva Voldánová2011660
Language Needs AnalysisMike Hammersley2012451
Language Needs of European Businesses - The 2011 CELAN SurveyGustavo Gonzalez‐Quijano2012622
Language Strategies for Business Analysis of company needsGustavo Gonzalez-Quijano2012561
Language Strategies for Enterprises - a Challenge for Europe [unveiling first results from the CELAN project]Margaretha Mazura2011517
Mid-term Round-Table Celan Platform and ToolsMike Hammersley2012489
Optimized Translation Management at WeidmuellerGerald Lobermeier2012541
Report on Language Needs in Business - Companies' Linguistic & Language related Needs in EuropeCELAN20111024
The language industry Tools and services for growth and expansionChristian Galinski, Stella Giraldo2012637
The Network for the Promotion of Language Strategies for Competitiveness and EmployabilityCELAN2011510
Vademecum for employers and employees for language capacity buildingMargaretha Mazura2012788