EURASHE and UASnet cooperate with U-Multirank on applied research indicators

U-Multirank_logoUp until now there have only been few indicators and data included in U-Multirank on measuring applied research performance and the growing scope of research activities at universities of applied sciences (UAS). Among the 1,304 institutions included in U-Multirank, only 780 provided comprehensive data and a megre 80 of them are UAS across Europe.

In order to increase the participation and representation of UAS, U-Multirank invited EURASHE and UASnet as European applied research stakeholders to discuss and support the development of applied research indicators. The aim was also to highlight the high performance and increasing amount of UAS’ applied research activities in the ranking and in the fourth release of U-Multirank in 2017.

Stakeholder discussions were held together with U-Multirank in January 2016. They resulted in a pilot survey, which was sent to member institutions in different European countries for comments. The institutions were also asked to indicate in the survey if the proposed applied research indicators were valid, relevant for the users and feasible, in terms of availability of collected data at institutional or national level.

The feedback and suggestions gathered from institutions and stakeholders was incorporated with previous research conducted by U-Multirank. Two new experimental applied research indicators were developed, which will be tested in the 2017 ranking together with a new ready-made ranking on applied research activities to be published after the 2017 release.

The fourth release of U-Multirank will include a new question in the institutional questionnaire referring to the number of strategic partnerships the institution has. During the development phase this indicator seemed to be the most promising in terms of relevance and feasibility. Another new question will address ‘graduate companies’ to highlight the entrepreneurial orientation of the institution’s graduates.

The additional ready-made applied research ranking developed by U-Multirank focuses exclusively on applied research performance and is designed to draw attention to the achievements of UAS’ applied research in 2017.

Interested institutions can register themselves on the U-Multirank portal here.