CALOHEE – Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe

EURASHE is a partner in the CALOHEE project on Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe.

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The project intends to develop multi-dimensional tests for each of five subject areas, chosen to represent five significant academic domains. These tests, using similar methodology but tailored to the characteristics of the five domain/subject areas, will make it possible to compare students’ performance in a Europe- or even an EHEA- wide context. The tests will necessarily be multi-dimensional in order to allow precise measurement, while taking into account the different missions, orientations and profiles of institutions and degree programmes. The outcomes of the tests will not only offer institutions useful information to verify whether their students are achieving internationally defined standards of generic and subject specific learning outcomes and are prepared sufficiently well for their role in society, in terms of personal development, citizenship and employability. They will also provide the students themselves with important information so that they can understand better the objectives of their programmes, and become proactive in the learning process. It will be designed in such a way as to stimulate academics as well to check that learning, teaching and assessment methods are truly aligned with the declaredly desired results. If successful, the test should play a key role in quality enhancement and assurance at degree programme level. A bottom-up approach will be applied, in order to give the academic community a central position in the further implementation of the process of modernization of higher education in Europe as a follow-up of the work established by policy makers. It should therefore contribute significantly to the improvement and consolidation of the EHEA.
Following are EURASHE news items related to the project:

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    CALOHEE Advisory Board
    Brussels (Belgium), 3 Feb 2017, Alexandre Wipf
    CALOHEE Advisory Board
    Brussels (Belgium), 17 Jun 2016, Alexandre Wipf
    CALOHEE Advisory Board
    Brussels (Belgium), 19 Feb 2016,
    Following are the partners of the project:

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    Following are some of the experts involved in the project:

  • Robert Wagenaar - Robert Wagenaar is Director of the International Tuning Academy of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Until recently he was director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of... Read more
  • Alexandre Wipf - Alexandre Wipf is the previous policy and communications officer at EURASHE. Within the secretariat he was in charge of the implementation of quality assurance related activities (policy, projects, events, representation,... Read more