Research, Development and Innovation

EURASHE is involved in Research, Development and Innovation through its activities linked to universities of applied sciences (UAS), innovation, regional development, knowledge transfer.

Underneath are further information on our activities in the area:

Applied research, development and innovation (RDI) conducted in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) play an important role in enhancing European competitiveness and innovation capacity, especially on the regional level where institutions act as connectors and crucial links between world of work, organisations and society. In addition, applied research activities play an important role in developing students’ entrepreneurship skills and contribute to more economic growth and jobs. The working life skills gained from practical research also strongly enhance graduates’ employability.

The continually evolving societies require heavy investment in the cooperation within the knowledge triangle, with the threefold (education, research and service to society) embedded in the UAS mission they are ideally placed to unleash the full potential of the European Research Area (ERA). The UAS applied research activities can quickly respond to the changes and pair research outcomes to real changes in order to make a real impact, especially on the regional level. The research activities include various types of projects, multidisciplinary topics and research conducted in cooperation with and involving stakeholders.

From a European perspective the UAS act as regional connectors, international key players and project leaders, consulting bodies and key contributors to European entrepreneurship and education. This is why applied RDI is one of EURASHE’s four key focus areas. We see it as a crucial factor in enhancing the European innovation potential. We commit strongly to promoting it, further developing the role of applied research in UAS and to contributing to the transfer of research results and increased cooperation through innovation and applied RDI activities.

Following are EURASHE news items related to the field:

  • Smart UAS in Smart Regions: Basque Country experience 7/12/2020 - EURASHE, in cooperation with the independent group of experts Friends of Smart Specialisation, last week organised the online event “Smart UAS in Smart Regions: increasing the strategic cooperation between Professional... Read more
  • EURASHE Community discussed Smart Specialisation Strategies in Portugal 20/11/2020 - This week EURASHE together with partners ‘Friends of Smart Specialisation’ have organised the first webinar in the series of events under the name ‘Smart UAS in Smart Regions’. The first... Read more
  • EURASHE participated in the European Week of the Regions and Cities 2020 21/10/2020 - On the 8th of October 2020 the webinar “Innovate regions through cooperation” took place in the framework of the European Week of the Regions and Cities. The webinar has been... Read more
  • EURASHE sends its feedback for the European Research Area (ERA) roadmap 30/7/2020 - On the 6th of July 2020, the European Commission opened a public consultation on the European Research Area (ERA) roadmap, inviting European citizens, civil organisations and all the main stakeholders... Read more
  • Professional higher education sector calls for more and better internationalization for the future 29/6/2020 - Last week EURASHE, together with its members CEU Andalucía, organised the webinar “Internationalisation of Research and Innovation: where European and global experiences meet” on 23 June 2020 on Zoom, inviting... Read more
  • Webinar “Internationalisation of Research and Innovation: where European and global experiences meet” | 23 June 2020 | 14:00 – 15:30 CEST | Zoom 16/6/2020 - Fostering international cooperation in research and innovation has been in the past years a strategic priority for the European Union. The cyclic occurrence of new global challenges, most recently the... Read more
  • EURASHE RDI Working group met to discuss the role of PHE institutions in Smart Specialisation and the strategic planning of Horizon Europe 18/6/2019 - EURASHE Working Group on Research, Development and Innovation hold a last meeting before the summer break on 14 of June 2019. For the first time, it was attended also by... Read more
  • UAS4EUROPE position paper on the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9) 18/9/2017 - The voice of Universities of Applied Sciences for FP9 UAS4EUROPE has today published its position paper on the upcoming 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9). UAS4EUROPE has the... Read more
  • New speakers added to RDI seminar in Porto on 16-17 November, early bird fee ends on 15 September! 11/9/2017 - New speakers added to the EURASHE seminar ‘Smart solutions for the regions: UAS applied R&I increasing regional cooperation‘, organised in Porto (Portugal) on 16-17 November. Early bird fee is available until... Read more
  • Save the date: 16-17 November 2017, Applied R&I seminar registrations opening soon! 6/7/2017 - EURASHE will organise a two day seminar in Porto (Portugal) on 16-17 November. It will be organised in cooperation with Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administracao do Porto (ISCAP) and... Read more
  • UAS4EUROPE: giving the European universities of applied sciences a voice! 15/3/2017 - Universities of applied sciences (UAS) are well placed to participate in Horizon 2020 and FP9, but more can be done to improve their participation. This is one of the conclusions... Read more
  • Statement of UAS4EUROPE on the mid-term review of Horizon 2020 12/1/2017 - The UAS4EUROPE network has published a statement on the mid-term review of Horizon 2020 (H2020) Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The joint statement by EURASHE, UASnet, swissuniversities, Hochschule Bayern e.V.... Read more
  • Registrations are now open! Applied research conference 15 March 2017 in Brussels (Belgium) 4/1/2017 - The UAS4EUROPE network, led by EURASHE, will organise an applied research daytime conference and an evening reception in Brussels on 15 March 2017. The conference is titled ‘Universities of Applied Sciences:... Read more
  • EURASHE 2017 work programme 30/11/2016 - In 2017 EURASHE will continue to address its 4 thematic areas; the 2017 work programme comprises: Mission of professional higher education Our 27th Annual Conference organised on 30-31 March in Le Havre (France)... Read more
  • Seminar on regional development, Bratislava, 6-7 December – REGISTRATIONS OPEN 31/10/2016 - The registrations for EURASHE’s seminar on regional development in Bratislava (Slovakia) on 6-7 December 2016 have now been opened. The aim of the event, titled ‘Higher Education as a Driver of Regional... Read more
  • Material and photographs available for ‘Making Innovation Happen’ seminar 25/10/2016 - EURASHE organised with Foundation Saint Paul Andalucía CEU a seminar titled ‘Applied RDI – Making Innovation Happen! A EURASHE seminar on student engagement in and market-based applied research‘ in Seville... Read more
  • EURASHE strategic survey for universities of applied sciences – have your say! 29/9/2016 - EURASHE formally represents universities of applied sciences and other colleges and schools of professional higher education towards the European institutions and within the Bologna Process/EHEA. The views of members and... Read more
  • EURASHE and UASnet cooperate with U-Multirank on applied research indicators 30/8/2016 - Up until now there have only been few indicators and data included in U-Multirank on measuring applied research performance and the growing scope of research activities at universities of applied... Read more
  • EURASHE calls for continuing opportunities for collaboration with British higher education 27/6/2016 - EURASHE, as a European representation of universities of applied science and other type of institutes of professional higher education, would like to express its regrets on the result of the... Read more
  • Watch a preview of EURASHE’s ‘Applied RDI: making innovation happen!’ seminar 8/6/2016 - EURASHE is organising a seminar titled ‘Applied RDI: making innovation happen!‘ in cooperation with Foundation Saint Paul Andalusia CEU in Seville (Spain) on 26-27 September 2016. Registrations for the seminar are open... Read more
  • New Initiative for Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) Launched: UAS4EUROPE 1/6/2016 - UAS4EUROPE aims to strengthen the role of universities of applied sciences at the European level. Europe needs greater and stronger involvement of its universities of applied sciences (UAS). This assertion... Read more
  • EURASHE’s Vice-President meets with the Slovak Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport on an upcoming conference on regional development and cooperation between HEIs and enterprise 17/5/2016 - On Tuesday 10 May, EURASHE’s Vice-President and upcoming Secretary-General, Michal Karpíšek, met with prof. Peter Plavčan, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. One of the topics... Read more
  • EURASHE’s contribution to the call for ideas on a European Innovation Council (EIC) with UAS4EUROPE 9/5/2016 - The European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas presented his priorities ‘Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World’ in June 2015. Part of his thinking was... Read more
  • Registrations open for a seminar on research, development and innovation > Seville (Spain), 26-27 September 6/4/2016 - EURASHE will organise its second international research, development and innovation seminar on 26-27 September 2016 in Seville (Spain) with Foundation San Paul Andalusia CEU. Applied research, development and innovation (RDI)... Read more
  • HEInnovate at EURASHE’s 26th Annual Conference 24/3/2016 - Being an entrepreneurial higher education institution depends upon individuals, and innovative ways of doing things. There is no ‘unique’ approach, but a variety of ways in which higher education institutions... Read more
  • EURASHE 2016 work programme 27/11/2015 - In 2016 EURASHE will continue to address its 4 thematic areas; the 2016 work programme comprises: Mission of professional higher education Our 26th Annual Conference organised on 21-22 April in... Read more
  • Applied research benefits to the regional development, Heilbronn, 3 December 22/10/2015 - Join us in Heilbronn (Germany) on 3 December 2015 for a seminar on ‘Applied research benefits to the regional development‘ discussing: The EU’s Innovation Union and the European Research Area... Read more
  • Questionnaire on Institutional funding and on Research, development and innovation (RDI) activities of professional higher education 18/8/2015 - EURASHE is committed to actively contribute to the development of professional higher education and applied research. Recently it established a working group dedicated to RDI. EURASHE is also reviewing institutional... Read more
  • 2015 EHEA Ministerial Conference in Yerevan (Armenia) 2/6/2015 - A delegation of EURASHE participated in the 2015 EHEA Ministerial Conference and the 4th Bologna Policy Forum on 14-15 May 2015 in Yerevan (Armenia). The conference gathered the EHEA ministers... Read more
  • Recommendations from Professional Higher Education to EHEA Ministers 7/5/2015 - EURASHE’s 2015 General Assembly, meeting on 15 April 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal), endorsed the position paper ‘Making European Professional Higher Education a Key Player in the Development of a Fastly... Read more
  • EURASHE Statement on the Erasmus+ Programme and its Impact on Higher Education 4/11/2013 - The Erasmus+ programme, the new multiannual programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, came to the final approval of the European Parliament, linked to the approval of the Multiannual Financial... Read more
  • EUCIS-LLL Consultation for the European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2013 on Erasmus+ 11/9/2013 - The 2013 Education, Training and Youth Forum organised by the European Commission, which will take place on 17-18 October in Brussels (Belgium), will promote the idea of ‘Working together for... Read more
  • EURASHE’s participation and message at the Bologna Ministerial Meeting, Bucharest: TOWARDS A DIVERSIFIED, RESPONSIVE AND COMPETITIVE EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION 1/5/2012 - A delegation of EURASHE led by President, Prof. Andreas G. Orphanides, participated in the Bucharest Ministerial Conference and the 3rd Bologna Policy Forum on 26-27 April. This high-profile biannual event... Read more
  • 30 stakeholders’ proposals to improve the draft regulation “Erasmus for All” 16/3/2012 - EURASHE is a member of the Coalition and supports its goals; it is composed of: “Erasmus for All” is the new programme proposed by the European Commission on 23 November... Read more
  • 30 Stakeholders’ common messages on the Erasmus for All programme 20/12/2011 - On 15 December, a coalition of 30 European networks gathering thousands of organizations in secondary and higher education, vocational education and training, youth, adult education and popular education adopted common... Read more
  • Following are in-depth articles that will provide you with more insight into the field:

  • EURASHE working group on Applied Research and Regional Development - EURASHE has established its Working group on Applied Research and Regional Development to coordinate its activities in this area. Underneath are further information on the working group:
  • UAS4EUROPE - UAS4EUROPE is a cooperation between the main representative groups of universities of applied sciences in Europe. It is essentially centred around matters of research, development and innovation. It is composed... Read more
  • Following are projects in which EURASHE is involved and that are related to the field:

  • UASiMAP - EURASHE is leading the UASiMAP (Mapping Regional Engagement Activities of European Universities of Applied Sciences) project. Underneath are further information on:
  • RECAPHE - EURASHE is a partner in the RECAPHE project on Enhancing Staff Research and Innovation Capacity in Professional Higher Education. Underneath are further information on:
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    Following are the most recent 20 past events, for more see our full calendar here:

    PHE@Home Club meeting (members only) | Funding opportunities
    (), 19 Feb 2021,
    Online event "Smart UAS in Smart Regions" | Second webinar: Basque Country
    (), 2 Dec 2020,
    Online event "Smart UAS in Smart Regions" | First webinar: Portugal
    (), 17 Nov 2020,
    Webinar "Internationalisation of Research and Innovation: where European and global experiences meet"
    (), 23 Jun 2020,
    Roundtable "Regional engagement of Universities of Applied Sciences: concept and impact"
    Brussels (Belgium), 13 Feb 2020,
    UAS4EUROPE WG on Applied Research indicators
    Brussels (Belgium), 5 Dec 2018,
    WG on Applied Research and Regional Engagement
    Brussels (Belgium), 4 Dec 2018,
    EURASHE Working group on Applied Research & Regional Engagement – October 2018
    Brussels (Belgium), 12 Oct 2018, N/A
    EURASHE seminar ‘Smart solutions for the regions: UAS applied R&I increasing regional cooperation’
    Porto (Portugal), 16 Nov 2017 - 17 Nov 2017,
    EURASHE working group on RDI – October 2017
    Brussels (Belgium), 12 Oct 2017, n/a
    Stakeholder round table, Tallinn Call for Action 2017 „Opportunity now: Research and innovation matter for the future of Europe”
    Brussels (Belgium), 14 Sep 2017, Anna Toivonen
    Research & Innovation – Shaping our Future
    Brussels (Belgium), 3 Jul 2017,
    EURASHE working group on RDI – June 2017
    Brussels (Belgium), 16 Jun 2017, n/a
    SwissCore Annual Event 2017
    Brussels (Belgium), 17 May 2017, Anna Toivonen
    EURASHE working group on RDI – March 2017
    Brussels (Belgium), 16 Mar 2017, n/a
    Conference 'UAS4EUROPE' Universities of Applied Sciences: Maximising Success in Horizon 2020 and Beyond – Learn! Network! Lobby!
    Brussels (Belgium), 15 Mar 2017, Anna Toivonen
    VLHORA congres
    Brussels (Belgium), 13 Mar 2017, n/a
    Open, excellent and attractive research, innovation and education – The Finnish model
    Brussels (Belgium), 28 Feb 2017, Anna Toivonen
    EURASHE working group on RDI – February 2017
    (), 15 Feb 2017, n/a
    Meeting on Smart Partnerships for Regional Impact (SPFRI)
    Brussels (Belgium), 9 Feb 2017, Anna Toivonen


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  • EURASHE working group on Applied Research and Regional Development - EURASHE has established its Working group on Applied Research and Regional Development to coordinate its activities in this area. Underneath are further information on the working group: